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About Melissa

Serving Clients Since 2013


Hello I am Melissa McCafferty. I’m the founder of Holistic Counselling for Women. The first holistic counselling center for women in Scotland. I specialize in women’s issues such as womb-based trauma. Which includes sexual assault/abuse, miscarriages, PCOS, infertility, endometrioses, PMS, PMDD, and traumatic birth experiences. I also do a lot of work around self-esteem, healing destructive dating patterns, finding direction in life, moving on after a relationship ends and breaking generational trauma patterns.I work with a lot of different issues so please reach out and we can determine if were a good fit for each other.  

I am a qualified Psychotherapist based in West Scotland (working worldwide) - here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. I truly care about my clients’ well-being and guarantee top of the line counseling and healing services catered to their needs.I am sure that you are going through something really hard right now and please know that I am here to help. Please know that there is life beyond whatever you are struggling with, you can heal and find your joy again. Going to therapy can be a little scary and it’s okay if you're nervous and feeling a little worried about opening up to a stranger. Getting help is really brave and I am proud of you for being here. I pride myself on creating a warm and comforting environment for every client I work with, I will never judge you or shame you.

I have my masters degree in Counselling and I am a qualified child and adult psychotherapist. I have my bachelors degree in Human Behaviour.  I have been trained in various theoretical orientations such as CBT, Reality Therapy, Person-Centered, and Existential. I have also been trained in various skills such as play therapy, expressive arts, mindfulness, and EFT/Tapping. I pull from various theories and approach each client from a holistic point of view that values the life experiences and individual uniqueness of that person. I believe engaging the body plays a critical component to healing and I am a life-long student of Polyvagal theory.Trauma and emotions are stored in the body so a lot of my session will including breathe work, body awareness, cycle charting, and Tapping.

I am originally from the United States and I have been living in Scotland since 2018. When I am not doing therapy related things I am hillwalking and spending as much time outside as possible.


Finding a therapist that you connect with can take time, I offer a free consultation with no obligations or strings attached. More of a casual chat over a cuppa.

My Credentials

Experience You Can Count On

Masters Degree in Counselling/Psychotherapy

Bachelors Degree in Human Behaviour

Reality Therapy Level 1

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level I & II

BACP Registered Member

Certified Abortion Doula

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