Session Length : 1 hour for 1 reply

Frequency: Usually once a week but this is determined by you and your needs

Price: Available upon request

-How it works: Each week you can write up to 750 words and at an agreed upon scheduled time I will read through your email, process what you wrote and thoughtfully respond. Please note often times you will be given “therapeutic homework” to support your healing journey outside of our email exchanges. I will spend one hour crafting my response.

-Email counselling can work with a variety of issues but it is not ideal for processing substantial trauma​.This form of counselling works best with low level issues.

-At any point during email based counselling you can move to individual talk based counselling or EFT therapy.

-During the consultation we will explore if this is a good fit for you

-For more in-depth information please reach out for your free consultation.