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My Approach

What I am All About




Unconditional Acceptance

Healing From the Heart


What To Expect at Therapy

I use gentle focused psychotherapy methods to cultivate awareness and compassion towards self. Helping clients develop self-understanding while tenderly holding any trauma that comes to the surface. The body and brain are innately intelligent and know what they have to do to heal. As a therapist I will hold space and help you become your own healer. The body can be a powerful tool in the therapy space. In sessions I will regularly engage the body through somatic processing and nervous system regulation.  It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that requires a full body, mind, and spirit participation  from the the client and the therapist. It is truly an honour to walk with a client and witness their healing journey. 

As your therapist I will remind you that you are not broken. I will hold space for you while you heal and process. I will recognize that you are the expert on your life. I will always celebrate you. You will always be met with non-judgement and unconditional positive regard. 

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